RICE industry offers you designs of fishing machines that can contribute to improve fishing production; making it more efficient, profitable and safe for fishing producers. In addition, diverse equipment like pumps and pulleys for mining, construction or agriculture can be designed.
Our industrial quality is the result of an experience of more than 90 years. For three generations, RICE family has been dedicated to the manufacturing of products for the fishing and metal industry, and its prestige has gone beyond the Mexican borders. In the photo, Don Maximino Rice with his two children, parents of the actual director of RICE factory, and heirs of a noble tradition that adds to the artisan persistence the elements of the state-of-the-art technology.
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Calzada Gabriel Leyva # 2116 Tel: (669) 982-17-64 , 981-33-65
E-mail: maxi@red2000.com.mx Mazatlán Sinaloa México.